Currently, online shopping is unavailable but do not fear!

We have created a shopping guide for you to make life easier when calling 0268853467 to place your order so you can get an idea of sizing and styling (floral availability will vary due to seasonal available, stock levels etc).

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The Meadow Casual

Our Starter Bouquet.

Perfect for the kind gesture, the thinking of you, the I’m sorry I can’t be there,

the YEAH GIRL HIGH FIVE type occasions.

from $50AUD


The Meadow Moment

Something to really get you started.

For the kind of occasion that needs a little bit more oomph.

A thankyou, a pick me up, an apology….

From $80AUD


The Meadow Lush

Our Lush Treat Bouquet.

For the occasions that call for something a little bit extra.

From $100AUD


The Meadow Deluxe

Perfect for those significant days.

Full of floral, full of thought, full of care.

From $150AUD


The Meadow Creative

Creating something truly bespoke by combining texture, colour and scent to bring a unique floral experience.

From $150AUD